SwiftUI ScrollView and non-freezing parallax
SwiftUI ScrollView and non-freezing parallax
Hello everyone! My name is Nikolai, I'm iOS developer.I got the task where I should make scrollable content, with another one at the back. Both of them should scroll synchronously but backward should be slower - like background images in cartoons or videogames. Read more
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  • Feature Engineering: Techniques and Best Practices for Data Scientists
    Feature Engineering: Techniques and Best Practices for Data Scientists
    The most important stage in the data science process is feature engineering, which entails turning raw data into useful features that might enhance the performance of machine learning models. It calls for creativity, data-driven thinking, and domain expertise. Data scientists can improve the prediction capability of their models and find hidden patterns in the data by choosing, combining, and inventing relevant features. Handling missing data, scaling features, encoding categorical variables, constructing interaction terms, and other procedures are examples of feature engineering techniques. The best practises involve investigating the data, testing and improving features iteratively, and applying domain knowledge to draw out important information. The accuracy and effectiveness of machine learning models are significantly influenced by effective feature engineering. Read more
  • Errors in designing online stores: TOP-10 for the homepage and catalog
    Errors in designing online stores: TOP-10 for the homepage and catalog
    Hello, in this article, I discuss the top mistakes that can cause businesses to lose money based on around 50 audits of online stores. I provide examples and explain using research.In my work, I focus on CX, customer experience. I make the design not only visually appealing but also functional. It's important for the shopper to easily navigate the store, find the desired products, and not get distracted from making purchases. To help the business earn, we study research from reputable design institutes and conduct our own analytics. In this article, I share the key observations.5 mistakes on the store's homepageThe homepage is the first point of contact for the user. In some cases, it determines whether they will explore the store or continue browsing the internet. The page should display important information for the user, be clear and impressive, and encourage action and engagement. Let's explore the mistakes to avoid on the front page of the store:Mistake 1: The homepage doesn't showcase the product range.Sometimes, it's difficult to understand what products the store offers from the homepage. This can confuse users, making them think that the desired product is not available on the site, leading them to leave and seek alternatives. In this case, the business loses a customer right at the beginning of their journey, even before they get acquainted with the store.For example, if you visit a sports store's homepage and only see hiking gear, while the company sells various sports products from swimming trunks to exercise bikes: Read more
  • On Computational Nature of Reality
    On Computational Nature of Reality
    I explain experimental results of Bell’s Theorem by superdeterminism. I follow with insights into how such a universe may arise and be compatible with the subjective experience of free will. Read more
  • Push notifications: why we need them, how to do them. How to write push notifications that won't piss you off
    Push notifications: why we need them, how to do them. How to write push notifications that won't piss you off
    Push notifications are similar to promoters. You're peacefully walking down the street, and suddenly promoters approach you, urging you to take their flyers. You take them, but you don't read them and throw them into the nearest trash can.The same goes for push notifications. You're reading an article, and suddenly a notification pops up with a promo code for free delivery of products. Then another one arrives, informing you about a giveaway. And then another one, offering a discount on all fruits. Notifications can appear on your screen at any time. If there are too many of them, your reaction is either to ignore them or disable them.In this article, we will talk about how to write push notifications that people will click on and show you how to build a push notification strategy. At the end, we will provide a template for a push notification strategy.Push Notifications - What is it?A push notification is a pop-up message on a smartphone screen. To send one, you need to use a delivery service. You can send a notification instantly, schedule it for a specific time, or set up a trigger-based delivery - a chain of notifications that will be triggered by specific user actions.Triggered push notifications are sent after a specific action is taken. For example, if a person starts adding items to their cart but doesn't complete the purchase, you can send them a notification urging them to complete the transaction after a certain period of time.Notifications are sent to users who fall into specific segments for targeting. Segments are formed based on specific events. For example, the event "6 hours ago, a product was added to the cart but no purchase was made" will divide users into two segments: those who made a purchase and those who didn't. Read more
  • Monitoring CPU/RAM/disk metrics with OpenTelemetry and Uptrace
    Monitoring CPU/RAM/disk metrics with OpenTelemetry and Uptrace
    OpenTeleletry Collector is an open source data collection pipeline that allows you to monitor CPU, RAM, disk, network metrics, and many more.Collector itself does not include built-in storage or analysis capabilities, but you can export the data to Uptrace and ClickHouse, using them as a replacement for Grafana and Prometheus.When compared to Prometheus, ClickHouse can offer small on-disk data size and better query performance when analyzing millions of timeseries. Read more
  • [Translation] Использование высокодинамичного языка для разработки
    [Translation] Использование высокодинамичного языка для разработки
    Преимущества и навыки, полученные при использовании Common Lisp в разработке игр Разработка игр является увлекательной задачей. Игры требуют быстрого цикла разработки, высокой интерактивности и задают ограничения мягкого реального времени. Хотя в настоящее время небольшие игры разрабатываются на таких динамических языках, как Python или Lua, традиционно игровые движки пишутся на статических языках вроде C++ и C с каким-либо скриптовым языком поверх для обработки геймплейных механик. Common Lisp предоставляет среду разработки, одновременно являющуюся динамичной и достаточно производительной, что позволяет построить с её помощью полноразмерную систему разработки игр, сильно способствующую быстрым итерациям разработки и модульному дизайну. Read more →
  • Concept Art in Game Design: An Introduction to its Significance and Fundamental Principles
    Concept Art in Game Design: An Introduction to its Significance and Fundamental Principles
    Let's talk about concept art, one of the main pillars in the digital art world. Concept art is the foundational and fundamental stage of any media industry project, where bold design choices are made and the best one is selected, shaping the overall style of the product. "Concept" refers to abstract ideas and fresh designs, while "art" entails the intentional use of imagination to create objects for immediate contemplation, which can be assessed for their aesthetic appeal in terms of appearance, sound, or even words. The exact origin of the term is not entirely clear, but some attribute its first mention to Walt Disney Feature Animation during the creation of characters for the first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in the 1930s. It was during this time that an entirely new profession, later known as "concept artist," began to take form and became highly sought after in the media industry. Read more
  • Stand on two legs with code review
    Stand on two legs with code review
    The problemUnfortunately, when fulfilling their planned business goals, the departments of the organisation rarely take into account such a metric as solution code quality. And usually developers has no time for normal code review process. Code review process experience?
  • The Power of Email Marketing: Engaging Customers for Business Growth
    The Power of Email Marketing: Engaging Customers for Business Growth
    Email marketing has emerged as a vital tool for businesses to nurture customer relationships and drive growth. In this article, we will explore the immense potential of email marketing through personal experiences and examples from renowned companies. From personalization to segmentation, retargeting, and building anticipation, discover how these strategies can elevate your email campaigns and deliver remarkable results.The Art of Personalization in Email Marketing: Personalization is a key aspect of successful email marketing. Take, for example, Amazon's tailored recommendations and exclusive offers. By delivering personalized content that matches customers' preferences and interests, Amazon creates a sense of exclusivity and fosters customer loyalty. In my own experience, implementing personalization in email campaigns resulted in increased open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. It's clear that customers appreciate the effort put into crafting messages specifically for them. Read more